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We’re the team of Designers and Writers with over 6 years of global experience in creating directors’ treatments for the bids in advertising, as well as for films and music videos. Over these years, we’ve worked on the projects in collaboration with the production companies and creators from Russia, UAE, Lebanon, Vietnam, China, USA, and the European countries.
what is it
that makes
we're love with...
the beautiful things.
Every treatment we make is answering to our high standards of beauty.
we're love with...
the quality.
Our team can guarantee a top-grade personal approach to each and every treatment. We love working with the directors and getting inspiration from them. Their unique and creative vision is always reflected in our treatments in the best possible way.
we'll always look
after your mental
(and ours, too!).
All the deadlines and important details are discussed in advance, and we'll be sticking to them. No stress, no nerves. Just check out our name: Chill Vibes Community :)
your project is our project
maximise to win the bid.
How this all works?
Visual research
We find the most suitable visual images (film screenshots, GIF images, photos).
Video references
We search for the most suitable video references that illustrate the director’s approach and are based on the agency brief and the director’s wishes.
Based on your request, we can work on creating either the cinematic layout or the design-oriented layout with the regular images and GIFS.
Treatment Text
Each treatment needs individual approach. The texts we write are always in line with the director’s vision for a specific project. We also always consider their unique language and the special recommendations they give us before and during the work process.